Certifications and Standards

It is increasingly important to certify organizations and comply with the standards that govern the activities to ensure both quality and environmental requirements of laws and market demands.

We are actively working with this and have, among other things, already recertified us in the new ISO 9001-2015 and 14001-2015 standards. These new ISO standards are completely redesigned so that focus now lies significantly more on the benefit for the customer. For most companies this probably requires completely new work routines and will certainly lead to better quality.

Also, new ergonomic, technical and safety standards for products and services is important to follow up, and in our case also impact by being active members of the Swedish Standards Institute. An examples of a standard that affect us is EN 14434: 2010, which applies whiteboards for education environments. We test all our products at RI.SE (formerly known as Swedish Technical Research Institute or SP). The latest product that fulfilled the requirements is our Installation-Free Mobile. On our website you can see all the different approved products we have and to which standard.

Other certifications we have to manage are specific to different suppliers such as Cisco, Microsoft, Kramer, Extron et al. in order to at all get access to the products. Everything to ensure the quality. Some of the latest certifications we have undergone include Cisco Select Certified Partner, Small and Midsized Business Specialized Partner and Securing Video and VoIP Conferencing for enterprises, a specialist training regarding security in video meetings.

In order to ensure quality in the future and to keep up with digitalization, we invest more than 10% of our available time in training and development.