Municipal emergency preparedness

As an IT manager, Pege Andersson was assigned the task of ensuring that the conference rooms were upgraded to provide distance meetings and crisis management in a cost-effective way.

We worked close to Pege in designing a larg meeting room where all types of meetings can be carried out in a simple and efficient manner. An example of how we thought was that feed of intelligence and coverage from an ongoing crisis would be assigned to a separate TV that has only that specific task. Skype for Business became the communication tool for both crisis management and the various local offices located far from the headquarters in Sveg.

As shown in the picture, the room is turned in such a way that the long side becomes a front wall with two image units. One of which can be used separately while the other one is connected to external participants. Alternatively, both image devices can be used to show the same image.

After working with the room, Pege received so much praise that additional rooms were now equipped with corresponding solutions.