The first step towards your new meeting room.

We want you to get exactly as nice and functional meeting rooms that you and all your employees dream about. Maybe you want to design your meeting rooms with strong colors or perhaps stylish white with technology and interior design for distance meetings and/or local meetings? Whether you’re renovating, buying new from the ground up or just looking for a cost proposal, we’ll help you.

AudicomPendax AB is a unique meeting room supplier as we manufacture 70% of the items we sell and integrate it with technology from all major manufacturers in the fields of screens, projectors, distance meeting technology and audio with our own certified staff. This is to offer you the most economical option as you are directly at the source of all levels both in terms of products and services.

If you do not want construction, design and installation, we recommend products from our series of installation-free meeting rooms.

Meeting room as a service

For those who want easy-to-use, functional rooms, drop the investment, always know what it costs and spread the cost over time, we offer meeting rooms as a service.
Our meeting room service includes a complete solution with one of our Installation-Free Solutions including service, support and insurance.
See more information about our standard meeting rooms here:

You can also create your own custom solutions with us.

1. Get inspired!

Whether you’re moving, renovating or building a new room, it’s a good idea to get some inspiration and ideas before you start. Take a look in our gallery and be inspired by our meeting solutions, and we’ll look forward to getting you the perfect meeting room.
Get inspired.

We are one of Europe’s largest AV equipment manufacturers, offering complete, fully-equipped, meeting rooms with both interior design and technology in our product range, installation-free meeting rooms. That you can of course also buy products and make your own solution.

2. Plan!

When we help you plan and design your meeting room, we do so according to a well-proven methodology that we call the AudicomPendax methodology developed over the last 40 years. This ensures that we help you achieve your goals with your project.

See the film about the AudicomPendax method.

  • By telephone with AV consultant +46855536946
  • Video call with AV consultant
  • Email your thoughts and wishes to
  • Book a personal meeting with AV consultant at

Whatever you prefer, it’s completely free and a very effective way to get a good start on the project and get a complete budget.

3. Order!

If you are looking for a minor renovation, you can easily make your order by mail or by phone +46855536946, but if it is a brand new meeting room, it is advisable to contact an AV consultant to check that you have not missed anything. Free of charge, of course.

Here you can also read about our financing and delivery options.

Buy, rent or choose everything as a service!

4. Services!

Now your meeting room is ready soon!

For those who want assistance with everything from assembly, installation, programming, service, support and maintenance, we are happy to assist you with our well-trained AV technicians.

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