AudicomPendax’s Business Concept

We master the art of capturing the audience. And how to get the audience to remember the message.

Based on the customer’s unique working methods and expectations

designing rooms meeting the demands of the future.

By integrating interior design and new technologies into the environment with proprietary unique products, solutions and services combined with what the market offers.

InstallationFree or traditional installation?

Our latest addition is the completely new concept InstallationFree.
In order to live up to the market’s completely new requirements, with the ability to accelerate internal changes, meet more efficient digital working methods, wireless connections and, not least, completely new educational learning methods, we have developed the InstallationFree concept.

A number of patented solutions have made it possible to create a new concept that meets tomorrow’s requirements today.

The total investment compared to a traditional AV installation is reduced by at least 50%, so it’s a good idea to study the Installation-free concept before deciding whether to go for a traditional installation or InstallationFree concept in your environment (or a mix of both).

Whatever you choose, we offer both possibilities, do not hesitate to compare which one is best for your organization.